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Great Pistol

I bought this about 7 months ago and have put about 1000 rounds through it. Great pistol. I carry it everyday and shoots true and accurate. My only negatives about it is the trigger is a bit “gritty” but I am used to it now and doesn’t bother me. The grips are very rough and can rub the skin raw and be very uncomfortable when carrying. I just where an undershirt and that fixes the problem. Not bad during the winter but during the summer, wearing two shirts isn’t ideal. Over great gun though!


Amazing Pistol!!!!

i purchased the 2.0 recently, put 200 rds through with no faliures or hiccups, super smooth recoil, great trigger, probably the best iron sights on a factory gun, only minor complaint is the grip which is extremly aggresive, great when shooting however concealing can be a little uncomfortable but thats the only complaint i can think of, again only minor not everyone will feel the same, its a great nightstand gun, i highly reccomend this gun for anyone wanting a duty gun or nighstand gun, i would … read more


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